The submission of papers to the 2021 CIDAG is done through CIDAG´s online platform in two distinct phases. In the first phase, the authors are asked to submit an abstract (between 800 and 1600 words) containing at least the introduction to the subject, the research objectives, the methodologies used and the results achieved. If the abstract is approved for oral presentation or poster, the author will be asked to submit a complete paper (minimum of 5000 words) that will be re-evaluated by the scientific committee.

Best papers eligible for publication in Revista Convergências.


a) a) The author agrees that the article is original and has not been published prior to its submission or presentation at CIDAG and is not being considered for publication (print or electronic) at another conference;

b) The authors have obtained permission to reproduce the article (in all media, including print and electronic format) non-proprietary materials (such as images) and recognize in the article the source of such material;

c) The article complies with national and international copyright laws and does not contain material of an obscene, defamatory or illegal nature and which, to the knowledge of the authors, may constitute a violation of the rights of others;

d) The authors undertake to compensate the organizers, ISEC Lisboa and IPT, as well as third parties involved, in cases of claims and actions (including legal costs and expenses) involving their article;

e) In the case of multi-authored articles, the person responsible for the submission declares to have informed and obtained the agreement of all co-authors, in writing, about the conditions contained herein;

f) The authors authorize the publication of articles that are accepted, in any form that the organization understands (electronic, printed, online), while acknowledging their authorship, renouncing any commissions or royalties on them, regardless volume of distribution or where it is to be made.


Each of the abstracts and articles submitted is sent to at least two members of the CIDAG Scientific Committee, who will rank them according to a predetermined evaluation grid. Prior to the submission to the Scientific Committee, the name, affiliation and contact of the authors is hidden, and replaced by a code that will be communicated to the authors and will then identify each article. The articles with the highest ranking will be accepted for presentation in the modality that the authors selected - oral presentation or poster.


Articles accepted for presentation at CIDAG will be published twice, in the Abstracts Book and in the Proceedings Book. The Abstracts Book will be offered to all participants enrolled in CIDAG, and the Proceedings Book will be offered to all first authors of approved articles. Subsequently, both the Abstract and the Proceedings Book will be offered to the main University Libraries of Portugal, Spain and to National and International Research Centers in the Design and Graphic Arts Areas. The printed version of the Proceedings Book will be available for sale on the CIDAG website and the Abstract Book will be made available in pdf format on the Conference website as in previous editions.


The official language of the conference is English. Authors are required to submit the abstract and paper in English. For the presentation, the author can choose between Portuguese or English language.


Articles accepted for oral communication may only be submitted by one of their authors. Presentations by non-authoring third parties will not be allowed. Each author may submit up to three papers in which he is an author or co-author. If you have more than three accepted papers, you will have to delegate to other registered co-authors the presentation of them. Oral Communications have a 10 minute presentation time (plus 5 minutes for answering questions). Papers submitted and accepted for Poster Communication must be submitted in print to the organization respecting the submission deadlines and the rules indicated in the poster template (up to 10 days before the start of CIDAG). Files with the visual presentation of the Oral Communication must be sent to the organization strictly following the mentioned dates (up to 10 days before CIDAG starts). They must be pdf or power point files. If there is more than one author per article, all authors must be included in the article. One entry is required for each accepted article. Co-authors wishing to attend the conference must register and pay for the attendance. If the co-author is present at the Oral Communication, he will be entitled to a certificate, abstracts and proceedings book. If the authors are unable to attend CIDAG on the day / time assigned to make the oral presentation, the author(s) will have to choose one of the following: a) the approved article will be published only in the Abstract Book. b) change the oral communication to poster format and mail it to CIDAG's location up to ten days before the conference. This way the article will be included in the Abstracts Book, later in the Proceedings Book and a Certificate of Participation in poster category.

Authors will not be allowed to use their own computer for presentations or bring the file on the day of the presentation.